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Under Your Spell Again

I Can't Say No To You

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E to the Rika
12 March 1982
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80s, adult swim, adventure, alcohol, alternative, alternative rock, animal rights, animals, anime, art, artistic, astrology, bands, bestest best friends, black and white photography, bondage, books, brandon flowers, candles, cartoons, cats, cheese, collages, color photography, cooking, creativity, daniel jackson, dave grohl, dogs, dominic monaghan, doodling, dorks, dragons, drawing, dreams, drinking, duran duran, edgar allen poe, eeyore, emily dickinson, europe, fairies, family, fantasy, ferrets, final fantasy, food, franz ferdinand, friends, games, gaming, gay rights, geeks, ghost stories, ghosts, gothic, halloween, hard rock, harry potter, hopeless romantic, hot chocolate, hot topic, hugs, internet, j.k. rowling, john lennon, johnny depp, josh homme, jrr tolkien, kissing, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, lotr, love, magick, manga, men, metal, michael shanks, monty python, movies, music, musicals, mystics, nerds, new age, nin, nine inch nails, numerology, oral sex, paganism, painting, paranormal, people watching, photography, piercings, pink floyd, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, porn, pornography, pro-choice, psychology, qotsa, queen, radiohead, rain, reading, red hot chili peppers, retro, rock & roll, roleplaying, romance, rpg, scooby doo, sex, shopping, singing, sleep, spirituality, star gazing, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, sublime, submission, supernatural, system of a down, tad williams, tattoos, tenacious d, the beatles, the cure, the killers, the who, the word fuck, theatre, three days grace, thunderstorms, tigers, tori amos, trent reznor, tv, vampires, video games, wicca, writing, zodiac

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