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August 2009

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I haven't had a real update in a while probably because school has kept me busy and also kept my brain at bay. I am so sick of writing essays, it's never been funny. Money's been a little tight, I think I might just make June rent if I don't spend anymore money for the next two paychecks. Anyways, I was posting because I have some news. I'm moving across the river into a house. A friend I met in my Sociology class this past fall is in need of a roommate, so I told her I would move in. Two of her current roommates are moving out. My friend and her cousin are moving to the upstairs rooms and I get to have the two downstairs. I doubt I'll use them both, but it'll be nice to have more room for myself and still a good amount of privacy.

Rent is $450 (I pay $475 now), my part of the deposit will be no more than $250 although I'm hoping it doesn't get anywhere close to that, and utilities will probably cost no more than $100/month. I'm basically saving myself $100/month which will be good. I don't really have to pay for food because the other girl (I think her name is Sara) gets food stamps. I think I might offer up my store discount though and hope that's equal enough to me chipping in. I'll have to ask work if I'm even allowed to do that. I might have to be the one who "buys" the groceries. Or I might offer to cook if the discount thing doesn't work. I'm pretty good at cooking when it's for more than just me.

I think there was something else I was gonna mention, but I forgot.


That sounds quite exciting=) Good luck on your plans =)
Money is always a bad theme, same here ;)